Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Boy "G": 3 months old | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

I visited another one of my Baby Club babies this week! Baby girl "C" from my last post and "G" were born just days apart from each other so you'll be seeing them side by side at least for the next 2 sessions. Unfortunately this family is moving this summer so we'll only have one more session. :-(
"G" is the second baby I've done for this family and from what I remember he's looking a lot like his older sister! You can see her HERE at the same ago about 2 years ago! He's such a sweet little guy with 2 sisters who love to smother him with love! And he's still got that cute spiky hair from his newborn session! So, enjoy seeing how baby boy "G" has changed over the last 3 months!

This is his favorite look! :-)

I know, kind of pointless to call this post Baby Boy "G" only to then show his name but I couldn't hep but post this picture! It's just too cute!

Thanks again "S" family! It was great seeing you again!

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Stephanie said...

What a cutie! You captured him so well, look at those eyes!