Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nashville Baby! | Alexandria, Virginia Baby Photographer

As I mentioned in my last blog I went to Nashville this week for a business workshop. I was hoping to warm up some while I was down there but it was just as cold as it has been here in D.C.! In spite of the frigid temps I learned sooo much great stuff and plan on spending the next month implementing what I learned into my business. This info will create a better business for both you and me! I'm so excited and ready to get to work!
I also got to visit 2 of my college roommates who now live there! One of which has had 2 children since they last time I saw her. So, of course we had to do a little photo shoot and I wanted to show off how gorgeous her kids are! Myles was a Thanksgiving baby, just about 6 weeks old now. Molly is almost 2 and Master is 9 (almost 1o)! They are a great family and I only wish we lived closer to each other! Thanks again for having me, miss you guys lots!

Baby Boy Myles!

Sweet big sister!

Master is such a great kid and a great big brother! So polite and well behaved, I can only hope my kids are this great when they get to be his age.

Such a little man!
She looks sweet (and she is) but she's also a spit-fire just like her mama! :-)

Thanks again guys! Hope to see you again soon!

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Jan Eckert said...

marvelous shoot erin!! :)

please come back as much as possible. i'm excited to visit you in DC!