Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mike & Kim's Engagement Session: Northern Virginia Wedding Photography

Mike, Kim & I headed down to Old Town Alexandria on Friday night and although it was cold we had a great time during their engagement session! I will be photographing their wedding in September at Virginia Beach! This is an adorable couple who can hardly take a bad picture! Thanks for the fun evening, can't wait for your wedding!

How fun is this!
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Had to do another one!
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Baby Girl "J" & Baby Girl "L": 10 days old
This past weekend I had the opportunity to visit another one of my Baby Club Families who recently gave birth to twin girls.  I had such a great time with this couple when I did their maternity photos back in November so I was excited to visit them again.  This family makes my job easy, they are so natural in front of the camera.  Although, twins are MUCH harder to do since it seems impossible to keep them both calm and asleep at the same time!  :-)  But, I love a challenge so I had a great time!
Enjoy!  You'll be seeing plenty more of this family throughout the year!

Both sets of grandparents joined in for a few photos!
This little one was so alert!  She was looking right at me!
Love this one! 
I was cracking up, they are already fighting! There are several photos of them pushing each others faces away.  Hilarious.

Love those sweet sleep smiles.

Mom made this blanket and it made for one of my favorite pictures!

Sweet, sleepy girl!  I wore them out!

Until next time!