Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Miss "E": 2 Years Old | Northern Virginia Family Photographer

Today I was supposed to meet up with little miss "E" and her mama, but when I checked the weather yesterday I saw that it was not looking so good! So, I called to see if they could meet at the last minute and luckily we were able to take advantage of yesterday's beautiful weather! With the leaves at their peak it couldn't have been a prettier day. "E" is a normal, active almost 2 year old so I did my best to catch her during her millisecond pauses! Mom is also expecting another sweet little girl in November & I was so excited to be able to get a couple of them together as well. I truly loved working with these two, they were so sweet and fun to be with for the afternoon! Thanks ladies!

Check out those gorgeous blue eyes!

Note the name of the book, "I'm a Big Sister!" So appropriate!
Check out that amazingly beautiful tree!
This girl looooves books!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stuart & Meredith: October 24, 2009 | Washington, DC Wedding Photographer

Stuart and Meredith are married! I've know Meredith for at least 5 years & I was honored to be apart of her day in this way! It was a classic D.C. wedding with thoughtful details and lots of elements of fall. Beth of Sugar Rush Photography assisted me for the day and we were able to do some really fabulous pictures at the W Hotel downtown which has just finished renovation and has a really fun lobby and a great rooftop restaurant that would have had perfect view had it not been pouring down rain! The church in Georgetown was built in 1817 and had amazing architectural details and history! With so many beautiful settings it was a great day to have to stay inside! Congrats Stuart and Meredith! I wish you all the best!

The handsome groom in the lobby of the W Hotel.
The beautiful bride!

How gorgeous is this church? I am not normally a big fan of pictures inside churches but this church made for amazing photos!

One of the most flawless cakes I've ever seen!
Pure joy!
Enjoy your honeymoon!

Wedding Planning: Susan Smith of Simply Elegant Weddings
Flowers: Growing Wild Floral Company
Reception: Army Navy Club
The Band: The New Monopoly

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Baby Girl "R": 4 months old | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

Yesterday I was able to catch up with an old friend and her new baby, who I hadn't even met yet! Amy & I worked together way back when I first came to D.C. 6 years ago and over the years we've still managed to keep in touch! I was so happy to see her find a wonderful husband and now I'm so thrilled for them as they are now parents! "R" is a sweet little thing with beautiful blue eyes! She wasn't quite sure why a stranger was hovering over her as she woke up from her nap but I think I won her over by the end of the afternoon!
Enjoy getting to know little Miss R!

My fave!

"R" & her older sister Scout! What a cooperative little puppy!
I've always loved Amy's laugh!

Monday, October 19, 2009

SURPRISE! | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

Just 2 weeks ago I posted a blog of a very pregnant mom, due in November. Well... 2 days later this little guy decided to make a VERY early appearance! We were so lucky that we did this session when we did! Baby boy "G" arrived weighing just over 6 lbs with a head FULL of black hair, just like his sisters! Because of his early arrival I wasn't able to get to them until he was 13 days old. I really prefer to do newborn sessions within the first 10 days b\c babies are sleepy and easy to move around, so, we had a heck of a time keeping him asleep! But, we succeeded momentarily a couple of times. Welcome to the world "G"! Can't wait to see you grow over this next year!

Little, big sister "V".
BIG, big sister "S".
Dad had to work but we made sure he was represented!

Again, dad this one is for you!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Girl "C": 5 days old

Today I got to meet this sweet little girl, baby girl #3 in this beautiful family! All 3 girls are adorable and the baby looks just like her oldest sister, who is already completely smitten with her! And, I want to thank mom for being brave enough to have me come over less than 24 hours after being released from the hospital! This will be the first of many as this is another Baby Club family. So, enjoy getting to know the "L" family this year everyone!

First, we'll start off with the BIG sister. Not camera shy AT ALL! :-)
Big sister #2...

Count of 3... 1, 2, 3

Love it! Caught that fleeting newborn "smile".
After MUCH coaxing I was finally able to get her to sleep for about 5 minutes without being held. So worth it! Such a sweet sleepy head!

The King of the house!
Mom and her 3 little princesses...
See you all again in 3 months!