Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Torres Family!

I was able to do the cutest family this week! They are friends of a friend and I was so glad to get connected with them. These are two people who just adore their baby girl, you can totally see it in every picture! And you'll see why, she is such a doll!
Here are a bunch of my favoires and some to hold the Torres family over since I'm still working on the rest.
Hope you all enjoy!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

More products coming your way!

After the photo expo I've found tons of great new products to bring your way! I'm currently working on getting all of the info together for you. My goal is to have options that will meet everyone's style and needs. So, if there's something more you want just let me know and I"l be glad to look into it!
Here's a preview!

Elegant Linen Albums:

Lots of Options with Leather!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New York City!

This past weekend I was able to go to NYC for the annual Photo Expo. It is my first full weekend away from Haley and although I missed her, I had a blast! Uninterrupted dinners, not having to go back for naptime or 8pm bedtime, not having to remember to bring extra food, diapers or push around a stroller! It was definitely a nice break from mommyhood but I was so excited to get back and see her by the time Sunday rolled around!
At the expo hundreds of vendors come to show off their products and my photog. friend Sally and I needed some hands on experience to decide who we wanted to use for albums, books, etc. So, I headed up there Thursday night on the Washington Deluxe Bus (which was actually a nice tour bus with a movie) and met up with a good friend from college who so generously let me stay with him for the weekend! Chad is a fabulous opera singer (who I was lucky enough to have sing at my own wedding) who is in NYC working in shows & auditioning for new ones. Once he gets his website up I'll make sure to pass it along!
So anyway, we spent Friday doing the fun NY stuff, which you'll see below, and then on Saturday Sally and I went to the Expo to check stuff out. I was very proud of myself for going up to NY all by myself and for learning how to get around the city (with the help of Chad and his VERY handy dandy NFT Book). Below you'll see some pictures from my trip!

This is a yummy diner we ate breakfast at on Friday just down the street from Chad's apartment in Washington Heights. And this is the very informative book that got us around the city "Not For Tourists" , if you're going it's definitely worth picking up!

And of course, I had to take some good subway pictures, it's far more interesting than our DC metro. It's like a little world down their with vendors & music and lots of other crazy stuff!

Then, of course we had to go to Central Park. It really is an oasis in the city. It's crazy how gigantic it is! It stretches across about 1/4 of Manhattan!

We were able to meet up with another friend from college, Chris Miller, and his wife Nicole! I hadn't seen then since college so it was so great to catch up! We had another friend who works in the Empire State Building and was going to get us up without having to wait in line but there was zero visibility because of all the rain so we decided against it. In this picture we're standing outside the Empire State Building.


If you're even in NYC you HAVE go to this restaurant in Union Square, Max Brenner's World of Chocolate ! They had great food and even more fabulous deserts! Check out their website, they have great gifts and it shows their location. Our waiter told us the very interesting story of how it got started.

Union Square. It's very random, there are always tons of people just sitting around this area and is a well known area for protests.

This is just a really beautiful church we walked past.

And Finally, the reason I came, the convention...

We saw lots of demonstrations, products, the booth for the bag I'm coveting The Shootsac , famous photographers, etc... And that's my friend Sally taking pictures and on the phone (

And of course you have to go shopping while in NYC! So, after the convention we ventured down to Canal street because you can't leave NYC without a great bag! And we also dropped by China Mart in Soho.

And for the last night we had to get some great nightime pictures at Times Square! Then, we walked (on my incredibly sore feet) to a great restraunt called Eatery! They had some very cool lighting.

So, that's about it! I definitely think everyone should experience the wonderful & interesting city of NYC if you haven't yet been. There's nothing like it!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oliver Family...

Last week, on the very first cool day of fall (FINALLY!) I was able to go out with the Oliver family to a park on the Potomac River to do some family pictures. This family has such a sweet spirit and the girls were such great sports! Here are some (ok, more than some) of my favorites! This was one family that was hard to narrow down because there were so many great ones! Plus, it looked like it was about to rain so we had a beautiful sky to work with!
Thanks Olivers! I'm having a lot of fun editing your pictures!