Saturday, October 6, 2007

TWINS! Are 2x the fun!

So, I was able to chase my very good friends, Rob & Laurel, almost 2 year old twins around the other day and got some great pictures! Luckily, having a toddler I was in the right kind of shape to chase around toddlers. These girls are so precious and hilarious! They kept calling my daughter Haley, Hair, and were very good at teaching her the rules. They kept saying "No steet hare!" and wagged their little finger at her when she would go too far out in the yard. So anyway, here ya go!


Rob said...

Wow, they're great pics, Erin! It was such a treat to be visiting family in Wisconsin, check my email, and stumble across the pics!

Laurel said...

The pictures are so great - they really capture the spirit and personality of the girls. And they obviously loved having you shot their photos!!