Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Girl "C": 3 Months Old | Northern Virginia Baby Photographer

"C" is a Baby Club Baby so I was excited to get back and see how much she's changed since the last time I saw her she was only 5 days old! She's a sweet, blue-eyed red head! She already loves to watch her older sisters and I can tell she is ready to jump into the mix as soon as she figures out how to move. The oldest sister, also a "C", just turned 4 so I also did a mini photo session with her. Unfortunately it was pretty chilly that day so we were stuck inside but luckily they have a gorgeous home which makes for a beautiful setting! Thanks again for having me back!
Here are a few of my favorites!

A group shot! Yea, we did it!
Always tricky with little ones.
4 going on 16!

Check out this beautiful Christening gown!

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Lauryn said...

Wow I love the girls dresses! Loving the light too :-)