Saturday, May 16, 2009

Maternity & 2 year old photo session: Northern Virginia Family Photographer

This is another family that I've gotten to photograph often over the past 2 years. Little Addison just turned two AND mom is pregnant with TWIN girls! So, we had lots of reasons to do another session while I was in Kansas (mom is also my husband's cousin). So, since 2 year olds typically don't really cooperate for photos I chased her around a bit to try to catch her in some cute moments and we tried to trick her into snuggling with mom. And, as I've mentioned before, I LOVE doing maternity photos! So, I had some fun alone with mom capturing that perfectly round belly! Enjoy!

How sweet is this?  She also is trying to one-up mom and says that SHE has 3 babies in HER belly! 
The look of shock has just recently left dad's face since hearing he was, SURPRISE!, going to have 2 more girls!
Doesn't she look great!
I just love this one!
Check out that lip!

You seriously can't ask for a better setup than this!

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