Sunday, May 3, 2009

The "L" Family: Washington, D.C. Photographer

Saturday morning I met up with the "L" family at the Monuments in D.C.  The Cherry Blossoms are gone but the trees were lush and green and still made for a beautiful backdrop!  This family has 4 kids and a great story behind how they came to be!  
One kid is tricky to take pictures of let alone 4, but these kids are so well behaved and happy!  Of course they got a little squirrelly now and then but overall they got along so well as siblings and were happy to have their pictures taken!  I had a great time guys!  Thanks for a fun morning!   Here are some of my favorites!

Just the boys...

Boys being boys!

The sky was VERY overcast so it was little hard to see but the National Monument is back to the left...

And last, but not least, mom and dad!  

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