Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Girl "C": 7 Months Old

Most of my clients worry about cloudy weather, but it is really the most flattering light and what photographers hope for!  Some clouds with a glowing light shining through and that's exactly what we had today.  The leaves, although wet, were still so beautiful as well.  We had a great time capturing this adorable little girl both outside and inside.
 You'll also see the first picture after the outdoor pictures is of her mom on a fur coat when she was a baby.  Mom had this coat from her mother so we used it to recreate the picture.  I was so excited when she said we had this to work with!  We got some great shots.
Also, if you're wanting to see some beautiful foliage but don't want to drive too far the GW Parkway is just gorgeous right now!  I drove it this morning and wish I could have stopped to take some pictures of it for you all!  So, go go go while there are still leaves! 

I think this one is my favorite. Just look at her face! So joyful!

And thanks to Mom and Dad for being brave and letting us try some fun stuff on this platter on their dining room table. It was totally worth it!

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