Friday, November 14, 2008

Baby Boy "O" & BIG Brother "J.R." | Alexandria, VA Children's Photographer

Today I had the pleasure of hanging out with new big brother J.R. who just had a birthday himself yesterday! J.R. is now 2 years old and ready to show his new baby brother how things work around here! So, J.R. showed me his room and his favorite toys and his new big boy bed. Then, I spent some time with the new guy who luckily stayed asleep most of the time for me! He's only 10 days old and looks great! He's a strong one too, already holding up his head and looking around.
Enjoy this house full of boys!

Their Nonie (not sure if I'm spelling that right, Italian for Grandma) even hopped in for a few with the new grandbaby!

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