Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Girl "S" Turns 1! | Maryland Baby Photographer

Today was bittersweet! After spending a wonderful year photographing this family we've come to our final session! Our girls were born just days apart & I have been so blessed to be able to watch this sweet girl grow and get to know her parents this year. We've been able to talk about how are girls are growing and changing at the exact same rate! I've also loved having their great, historic house as a backdrop this year as well! Such great light and wonderful character in this house! So, thanks for letting me be apart of your first year as a family!
And as always, we'll do a little recap of this past year!

Expecting! One of my favorite maternity sessions!
And here she is! Just a little over a week old!
6 months old...
9 months old...
And today!

check out those adorable dimples!

and that booty! :-)
and more tickle-time!
I was so proud of them for venturing out into the snowy tundra that is now our home!

I LOVE the 1 year old toddle!
Ok, this HAS to be one of my favorite shots ever! Make sure to click on this one to make it bigger because it's sooo stinking cute!

Thanks again guys! I'll miss seeing you every 3 months! :-)


.lauryn said...

I love these :-) She is gorgeous!

Jan said...

What a gorgeous baby! And your favorite shot would make an amazing huge canvas - so cute!

Rashmi said...

So cute! I remember this little one.. I can't believe she is already ONE. Love her red pilot cap and the outside snow photos!