Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas! | Alexandria, VA Photographer

Earlier this fall I decided that I would take the month of December off! So, as people were calling and wanting to schedule sessions in December I had to decide, over and over, to stick to my guns and just say no. Saying no to business is very hard to do, especially when you run your own business and each client, in a way, keeps your business alive! Last year I had a big Christmas party for all of my current clients and it was a huge success and I so hoped to do it again this year but I knew, amidst trying to get our house ready to sell, having a second little one in the house and the older one in school, that I would put myself over the edge! As this month has ticked by so quickly I am so grateful that, amidst all of the busyness that comes with the holidays, I have been able to keep it manageable! Although I've still been fulfilling Christmas orders, maintaining client relationships & working on some changes for 2010, I have been able to focus on what's most important, my family & friends. We've spent time baking, going to Christmas concerts, playing in the snow and just hanging out! It has been wonderful! Recently I've found that you'll never regret saying no to things and just slowing down! I've been working hard at it all year since adding baby #2 and I hope I've found a balance that I can maintain. Being a mom and a great wife are my priorities and they can so easily be shoved down to the bottom when you do something you love like I do! This also means taking on fewer clients each month, so, if you know you want to book a session contact me NOW! I'm already completely booked for January, February March & April, less because I'm the most popular photographer or the best and more because I'm only taking on what I can handle which will then allow me to be a better mom and wife. So, feel free to contact me and I'm glad to put you on a waiting list for the spring or to book you for a future date.
I hope you are making time for the important things in your life and looking around you to see what others might need. Anything from helping someone carry their bags to adopting a family in need and giving them the Christmas of their dreams! Absolutely nothing has made me feel more fulfilled than surprising someone with a completely unexpected gift!
I hope to be hosting a BIG Christmas party at our new house next year to show you all how much I have appreciated your business, your support and your loyalty! In the meantime, I hope you all know how much it has meant to me this past year. My business would be nothing without all of your beautiful faces!
So, Merry Christmas everyone!
Until 2010!

Blizzard December 2009!


Cintia EUA said...

Enjoy your work! Merry Christmas,
Simply Cintia

cnmeg said...

Erin, I just read this. Good for you! You definitely need to set limits for yourself.
We still get compliments about the family pics you took for us in Nov 2008.
Thank you so much! Maybe someday we'll get back to Alexandria and you can take more family shots for us.
Crystal M