Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Little Miss "M": 1 year old | Washington, DC Family Photographer

1 year olds! Come one, come all! This has been the week of 1 year olds! "M" and her mom and dad met me down at the monuments this week. 1 is a tricky age because it's almost like they know exactly what you want them to do and they want to do just the opposite! They LOVE to run away, to look down at the ground all the time & never to look at you directly! But, I love 'em anyway! Mom also brought the cutest tutu for "M" to wear at the Jefferson! And I swear, normally they're so strict when they catch you taking pictures there but she charmed the security guards and they didn't say a word! Thank goodness! That will really come in handy later on when she gets pulled over for speeding! So, despite the insanely bright sunlight we were able to get some really cute stuff! Enjoy!


Lyndsie said...

I love the light in the one where she is bending over the step, she looks like a little fairy! Too sweet!

Sally Brewer Photography said...

That bright sun made for some fantastic lighting. You used it to your advantage. Cute tutu!