Sunday, April 13, 2008

A cold day at the beach...

Another reason we were in CA. was to see our longtime friends, the Littles! Jonathan and Julie were our very first friends in D.C.! We met through my college roommate and were they became one of our closest friends immediately! I call their first baby, Jeremy, my first baby because I got to be there just hours after he came into the world and spent so much time with him until they (sadly) moved back to CA. a 2 years ago. :-( I was also able to be there when Kaitlyn was born, so we feel like they are a big part of our family! It was so good to get to spend a few days with them and get to know the kids now that they are so grown up and meet the newest addition to the family, Anthony. Anthony is sweet, adorable and VERY laid back! I think that comes in part with being the 3rd child. Anyway, on to the pictures! It was a very cold day at the beach so we had to work quickly, but we ended up with some good stuff!

They still look as young as they do in their wedding pictures! Aren't they a gorgeous couple!

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Anonymous said...

Erin, I love looking at your blog and seeing pictures of people we know as well. What a beautiful family Julie has and such fabulous picstures. I know Bob and Linda will love these! You know how we grandparents are!!