Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here's the story....

I am a member of the Alexandria Moms Yahoo group and awhile back I saw an email asking for moms in their 20's to respond. So, I, being a mom in her 20's, responded to the email. Since then I've been in contact with Ian Shapiro, a staff writer for the Washington Post. Shapiro is writing a series of articles on Washingtonians in their 20's. One of the articles is about women in their 20's who had a promising career and decided to go against the trend (which is waiting until you are in your 30's) and have a baby. We had a lengthy phone interview and exchanged some emails. Then he spent a day with Haley and I to watch how we interacted with our world. We went to My Gym (Haley's gym class) and then ran some errands. Shapiro also wanted to talk to friends who were the same age but did not have children so I invited Jamie Schwada, a friend from college who also lives in DC, for lunch and he talked with her at some length about her decision and what she thought about my decision. So, the article should be coming out sometime in early January, I will of course let you know when it does! But below are some pictures of Ian pretending to interview Haley and interviewing Jamie as well.

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