Friday, December 28, 2007

An awesome gift idea for the technologically challenged...

Do you know someone who still has pictures from LAST Christmas on their memory card? Do you find yourself helping the same person upload their pictures all the time? Or maybe you can't seem to get the hang of uploading pictures either. (This is beginning to sound like an info commercial!) But seriously, this is a very cool invention! It is a memory card that will upload your pictures into your computer automatically and wirelessly! I know this is a little late for Christmas but giving gifts is always fun no matter what time of year!

Click HERE to read more about this awesome wifi memory card!

Click HERE for a brief write up:

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Rob said...

As you know, I got this gift for my father for Christmas since NEVER transfers photos to his computer. What's worse, he never shares the photos with family! Although he's only had the gift for a few days, it was simple to set up and he's enjoyed using it. I also got him a gift of a Flickr Pro account so now photos will automatically be shared with everyone.