Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Brand Spanking New Baby Girl "C" | Northern Virginia Newborn Photographer

A few weeks ago you may remember that I posted maternity pictures of my good friend and her daughter, just click HERE. Well, just a week later they welcomed a new baby girl! So, of course I had to go over and get some pictures of the newest addition! It took us awhile to get this alert little girl to sleep but it was well worth the wait! She is itty-bitty (although it doesn't take much for me to think that since my last one was HUGE) and has a lot of dark hair! She is already adored by her entire family, especially her BIG sister!   Sigh, I already miss that sweet, perfectly smooth newborn skin!   Alright, here she is!

How sweet is this?

It looks like she's smiling!

Well hello there!
I LOVE that tiny little round head!  


Beth said...

These are beatuiful - my favorite is the 4th one down with big sister :o) Great work!

Kristine said...

You are very talented. Wish you lived out here in Cali. Glad we could see some pics of Chelsea!!!