Saturday, April 11, 2009

The "K" Family: Washington D.C. Tidal Basin | Washington D.C Family Photographer

Friday morning I met up with the "K" family to take photos with what was left of the Cherry Blossoms :-( It always makes me sad to see the Cherry Blossoms go away so quickly! But, this was a fun session and the kids were adorable, AND we found some really beautiful, bright pink trees (not sure what they're called) and took advantage of their gorgeous blossoms! And although this past week was fun I am glad my photo session marathon week is over! I also have to thank my mom for coming up to take charge of the kiddo's while I was working this week! I couldn't have done it without her! Thanks mom!
So, enjoy this FINAL cherry blossom post!

One of my favorites!

Want to get great pictures of your busy toddler?  Take them to the Jefferson and wait at the top of the steps while they climb up!  They're so focused & excited about climbing you can get a lot of great shots!

How cute is that round little face?

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

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Merryn Gomez said...

what a gorgeous family - the one of them walking away from the camera is my fave, I hope they blow it up {big} and put it on their wall. just beautiful.