Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cutie Little Girl "G" 2 Years Old: Northern Virginia Children Photographer

I was so excited to get to do another member of this awesome family!  You might remember little boy "N" from our session last fall.  This family has such adorable kids and little miss "J" was no exception!  She IS 2, so it was a bit of a challenge as most 2 year olds are not a fan of getting their picture taken!  But, in the end we were able to get some really adorable stuff!  

I really love the feel of this one, a truly innocent moment.

Mom was pulling out all of the stops, even singing Bob the Builder to get a little giggle!

This one may be my favorite.

How adorable are those chubby little arms!  She was crossing them to show us how much she didn't like having her pictures taken.

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