Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweet baby girl "A"!

Friday, amidst threatening rain clouds, i visited River Farm again to photograph this sweet one year old. She just started walking the a few days prior so the farm was a tricky place to maneuver for her but we pushed on and she got pretty confident towards the end!  Then we headed back to her house to get a few more of her playing with her favorite toys.
I'd also like to give a little shout out to her Dad who is currently serving overseas and I'm sure he is missing his little girl to death! So, this is dedicated to you, dad! Thanks for your sacrificing so much for us! We will pray the you return safe and sound to your precious family soon! And to all of my blog readers, feel free to give him a little blog love with a few comments!
Now, check out this little girl's sparkling baby blues!

She's showing me her daddy. So sweet!

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