Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweet Baby Boy "B"

Yesterday I met one of the sweetest baby boys in Old Town Alexandria with his parents (who are also gorgeous)! We started out at their house in Alexandria where he played coy with me for awhile and I got some of the cutest shots! Then, we walked around Old Town trying to trick him into looking at me. At this age they are very interested in grass, leaves, the ground, basically anything but me! Luckily, we brought along Bleeker, the family dog, who provided a great focal point! So, enjoy adorable baby "B"!

For the next two I couldn't make up my mind between color and black and white so you get to see both!


Ron Jones said...

Erin... you do such good work. Very nice!!

Beth said...

Erin - Love these - the lighting for the indoor ones are to die for - great job - I am sure the family is sooo happy!

Erin Harvey said...

Great job girl! For the second pic, I personally liked the black and white version a little more. Picture 15 looks like a magazine cover! Great work, and I'm sure the family will just love all the pics. =)