Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Miss Independent

Yesterday I hung out with little miss "R" and her mom and dad at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna. I had never been there before and it is beautiful! A really great place to take your kids and just let them run, which is just what "R" did! She is 1.5 and raring to go! One year olds are always my trickiest clients to keep up with but I did my best and good some really cute shots along our walk through the gardens.
She's a cutie, enjoy!

I thought this one was cute, it looks like she's wearing a flower halo.

There were a lot of geese waddling around and once she saw them she was mesmerized!

Have a great week!

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Adrienne said...

Erin, these pics came out great! I'm so glad you were able to meet Lindsay and Felix and spend some time with them. You did an amazing job and we can't wait to be able to take more pics with you!